We remove data silos, using AI.

Askdata searches across all your data to answers your business questions and to explore data insights, at unprecedented speed and scale.

All your data in one place:
Instantly searchable.

Askdata is not so different from a social network or a messaging app.
Let’s discover the main concepts

The Agent

Agents are the interface  between you and data.
You can follow existing agents, or create new ones connecting your own data.

Data Cards

Data cards contains the answers provided by the agents, triggered on request by the end users, scheduled or generated proactively.

The Feeds

A Feed is a  collection of Data Cards belonging to an agents.
For each agent you can browse different feeds or create your own.


Search and share data in tandem

Connecting your data will make them instantly actionable. Ship data insight fasters, take better decisions and a deliver a greater impact.
2+ milions
We serve more than 2 millions of queries per month
20K+ users
We proudly served more than 20 000 users
Get 10x more value from your data
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