Skype for Business App

Existing Analytics tools require technical knowledge for people to access and analyze data, which limits the daily use of data for most employees.

Askdata Skype for Business App:

Askdata brings the easiest way to find answers to questions. Simply ask questions and get your answers in your everyday language whenever you need to.

How to get the Askdata Skype for Business

Activate your service contacting our service operations.

Once the service team will activate your instance you will be able to use the web application to search for your data.

The app is composed by 3 different sections:

  • Home: with a summary of your data cards a natural language query search bar
  • Ask: a fully conversational service that can be used to query data
  • Channels: the list of the channels available for the specific Askdata agent
  • A channel works like a Reddit subfeed and let users to share messages with no effort. Another similar way to conceive the channel is like a WhatsApp group.