Main Concepts

The main concepts of the platforms are:

  • Askdata Agents
  • Dataset
  • Data Card
  • Feed
  • Channel
  • NLP Pipeline
  • Hereafter we provide a simple definition for all the concepts.

    1. Askdata agent

    An Askdata agent is the point-of-contact between the users and the data. The simplifier of the data user experience (UX).

    2. Dataset

    A dataset is the representation of a datasource. A dataset can be a datasource such as a MySQL table or a Google Big Query dataset. The platform supports many different sources of data.

    A list of available datasets can be found here.

    3. Data Card

    A card is a cognitive friendly card generated automatically by the Askdata platform to fullfill a query of the user or through an automated data insights creation process.

    4. Feeds

    A feed is a stream of data cards. Feeds can be public (discoverable) or private (only accessible if invited).

    Advanced concepts:

    5. Channel

    A channel is the platform through which the user can consume the information. A channel is the Askdata App (available for Web, iOS and Android) or could be external support channels such as Slack. Check the list of available channels here

    6. NLP Pipeline

    NLP stands for Natural Language Processing pipeline. It’s a sequence of algorithms that will process the natural language query. Different algos are run in parallel to identify the intent of the user and the data query

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