Askdata and MicroStrategy - REST API integration


Askdata relies on the MicroStrategy REST API framework to integrate Askdata seamlessly.

The MicroStrategy REST API is a RESTful application that uses HTTP requests such as POST, GET, and DELETE. It is designed to help developers build data-driven client applications quickly and easily.

It does this by providing light-weight JSON data that is easy to consume because it includes raw data without direct formatting. Developers can use the MicroStrategy REST API programmatically in their own code.


  • Fast integration
  • Data is always updated in line with the MicroStrategy cubes


  • This integration pattern requires the MicroStrategy REST API license module
  • Not all  aggregation functions are supported due to limited aggregation support available on the MicroStrategy REST API framework

There is an alternative way of integrating MicroStrategy as a datasource though the schedule data batch process: batch data integration

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