Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Askdata On Premise

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The following minimum hardware requirements and recommendations apply to all computers running Askdata On-premise, including physical hardware and virtual machines (VMs):

  • Minimum requirements for testing and prototyping are the minimum hardware your computer must have in order to install Askdata. These requirements are appropriate for testing and prototyping, but are not appropriate for most production environments.
  • Minimum recommendations for production go beyond minimum requirements, and represent the minimum hardware configuration you should use for a production installation of Tableau Server. If your computer meets the minimum requirements but does not meet these recommendations
Testing and Prototype instance

Note: These minimum requirements are not recommended for use in production environments.

3  Kubernetes Cluster nodes:

8GB - 4 vCPU

Production instance

3  Kubernetes Cluster nodes (RAM 32GB - 4 vCPU)

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