Searching data and analytics with Askdata

Getting Started

Using Askdata search is simple, so anyone can use it.

Askdata supports different channels such as iOS, Android, Slack and many more.

In the search bar, type what you are interested in exploring, for example “get me revenue by region”. Searches return a set of results in the form of a card.

As you and your team members search the overall results improve over the time.

There are a few basic things you should understand before starting a new Askdata search.

Askdata is like searching on Google. As soon as you begin typing, Askdata suggests some search terms and use the machine-learning driven suggestions to find what you’re looking for.

Search is based on the datasets that exist in your data. Datasets are made of rows and columns, like spreadsheets. So you can search by typing in any of these words:

The column name: like sales, product name, or store

A specific value or time aggregations such as yesterday, this month and other.


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