Askdata and MemSQL

Askdata and MemSQL


Jan 30, 2019 · 2 min read

MemSQL is a modern relational database for cloud and on-premises that delivers immediate insights for modern applications and analytical systems.

Askdata is the Conversational Data Access platform that lets your business team access data in seconds, improving productivity and slashing Business Intelligence (BI) costs.

Only 3 steps and approx 180 seconds 😊 are required:

  1. Register to Askdata at

2. Create workspace, an agent and configure one MemSQL dataset

2.1 Click on “Create a workspace” in the left menu or at the bottom of the page

2.2 Click on the [+] button under the workspace name

2.3 Click on the [+] button under the dataset section in the agent

2.4 Choose the MemSQL icon from the menu

Fill all the required fields to connect to the dataset

3. Test your MemSQL dataset through the Askdata web client writing something like “Get me samples queries”.

That’s it!

For any doubt or comment, don’t hesitate — write me!

Andra Hermes, Askdata Evangelist ⚡AskData

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