AskData, democratized data access

Askdata: democratized data access


AskData helps to respond to one of the key challenges in the world of data — building the power of data and analytics into day-to-day decision-making.

The solution we offer is pure data democratization.

AskData makes data accessible to everyone by providing a user-friendly natural language search interface for databases.

Build a real data-driven culture in your organization with AskData.

Why build a natural language interface for structured data?

The data access technologies used today by enterprises claim to democratize data.

The reality is that these technologies are very complex and require an understanding of query languages, such as SQL, strong analytical skills, extensive training and knowledge of the data structure to formulate a valid query.

Businessmen can hardly use these systems without the help of an expert business analyst. Teams of any size need to employ business analytics teams to help non-data professionals interact with enterprise data.

These teams typically have an ever growing reporting backlog and as a result, even a simple question may take days to answer.

To reduce some burden on already overstretched data teams, many organizations are looking for self-service tools that allow non-developers to query databases using natural language without needing a data analyst for every report.

10x more value from your data
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