How Askdata Supports Data Scientists

Askdata’s mission is to make data productive for everyone. We daily work to improve the workflow of data scientists all over the world.

What’s the problem today

Data Scientists focus their time on the creation of Machine Learning model, in the discovery of interesting insights and on data preparation that enables business exploration of data.

Once these activities have been performed Data Scientists have to present the work in usable dashboards and reports. This task requires time dramatically decreasing the time-to-insight and the flexibility of modifying results.

This complex way of producing insights and sharing data

Askdata wipes out completely the time and effort required to make data insights such as scoring, predictions, and aggregations available to business users empowering Data Scientists in focusing in what matters to them.

How Askdata helps

One line of code

Data Scientists can use the Askdata python pip package Askdata to quickly make available any dataframe as a published data repository that can be consumed in seconds.

Once published on Askdata

Dataframes published on Askdata are instantly available for searching and exploration with no technical background required.

Business users do not have an understanding of how to query data using SQL, and there is a risk of them asking the wrong questions, or asking the right questions at the wrong time.

With Askdata users can ask questions about their connected data instantly leveraging Askdata’s natural language querying technology — no training needed removing the risk of creating spaghetti code of SQL scripts that make it difficult to do analysis in a controlled and systematic way.

From business user perspective

There is no risk of not having the right data for the analysis, which is happening more and more due to the complexity of modern data. Using Askdata ensures the following advantages for data scientists and business users.

SQL code is interpreted and executed automatically and programmatically.

Perspective of a Data Scientist

A data scientist can use the best algorithms for the analysis to make it more efficient and effective.

A data scientist can use the best algorithms for the analysis to make it more efficient and effective. Using Askdata can prevent the following risks:

Our proprietary Human2SQL algorithm improves itself with every single search.

Askdata uses cutting edge AI and knowledge graph techniques to help users surface relevant content that is organized in data cards.

More info about Askdata

Askdata is the platform that makes data access, collaboration and sharing frictionless. More info:

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