Podcast: Soft Skills for Successful Data Analysts - Deval Motka @ Quicken Loans

In this episode, Deval Motka, VP of Rocket Data at Quicken Loans discusses what she thinks are the primary soft skills that make or break successful data analysts. Deval has written about this topic extensively about this topic, and she is an expert in her field. Some interesting highlights are the need to be able to present insights without preparing, the need to have the mindset of a ‘consultant’, and how the need for these soft skills will only increase as time goes on.

Bio of our guest

Deval has over a decade of experience working in data and is currently the VP of Rocket Data at Quicken Loans. In this episode, we explore a topic that Deval has put a lot of thought into, namely the soft skills that are required to be a successful data analyst. It's an interesting take because most of the focus on what’s required to be a successful data analyst has to do with technical skills. We know you’ll enjoy the conversation!

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