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Askdata provides unlimited users with predictable pricing based on your needs


billed annually
Get Data-driven
  • 2 datasets
  • 20 columns
  • 50 000 queries
  • unlimited users


billed annually
More Data
  • 10 datasets
  • 100 columns
  • 300 000 queries
  • unlimited users


Best ROI
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Insights at scale
  • unlimited datasets
  • unlimited columns
  • unlimited queries
  • unlimited users

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Frequently asked questions

Why offering unlimited users
We believe data should be available to everyone across the organization to maximize the ROI and business impact of your data initiative. Pricing per seat is not coherent with our mission to democratize data access.
Access control lists and granular permissions ensure that every user has access only to the relevant data.
What are the definitions of dataset and data-column?
A dataset is a datasource containing data records. Askdata supports different types of datasets: it could be a MySQL view, a Looker explore or a MicroStrategy cube.
All datasets can be represented as the sum of the columns containing different measures and dimensions.
Is my privacy and data safe with Askdata?
Data is always encrypted when it is sent over the public Internet or when it is stored on disk.
We don't store data but only metadata used to perform real-time queries unless explicitly requested by you.
We offer Business Critical solutions for customers with specific compliance requirements. This includes HIPAA support, is PCI compliant and features an enhanced security policy.
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