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Askdata turns any messaging channel into a data-driven knowledge assistant that provides answers from all your data.

Conversable data

Instant data access

Users can ask questions about their connected data instantly using Askdata's natural language querying technology — no training needed. Our proprietary Human2SQL algorithm improves itself with every single search.

Remove data silos

Users can search across all of their data sources at once. Modern organizations store data in disconnected systems and in confusing structures. This makes it difficult to have a unified view of an enterprise's data. Askdata solves this problem by connecting various data sources through search.


Askdata has Web, iOs and Android native apps. Consume your data using your every-day tools. The integration with messaging systems such as Microsoft Teams and Slack make every insight one message away. Our Google Chrome plugin make all your insights available from your browser.

Proactive Insights


Share Data



10x more value from your data
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