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It’s no secret that the demand for marketing to be more personal is getting stronger by the minute.

With too much content and new marketing channels bombarding us, brands are under constant pressure to capture new customers and retain existing ones. This is driving the need for more personalized messaging. At every phase of the funnel, marketers must find ways to deeply and directly connect with the consumer.


Brands today have more consumer information at their fingertips than ever before, and they can use that data to get to know their customers in depth. However, recent studies suggest that most marketers are still stuck with the basics — email, name, location, and demographics—when it comes to capturing data, while advanced metrics like lifestyle, online purchases and behaviors, and social cues often go unnoticed.

When you’re leaving out so many pieces of the puzzle, it’s obvious you’re not going to see the whole picture. Simply put, brands need to track every single interaction they have with a customer from every single touch point, across all your inbound, outbound, digital, offline, and real-time channels.

We serve leading companies in the global Financial Services, Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Entertainment sectors. Our use-cases span across personal finance, credit, liquidity, supply chain, Finance, logistics, IoT, Sports and Entertainment.

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