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Askdata provides automated data analytics  capabilities to Business Intelligence, proactively pushing Data Cards to you so you know when your key metrics are in flux.

Askdata seamlessly connects to your data environment and keeps users proactively informed of important changes to business data – helping to make faster, data driven business decisions.


Askdata Automated Analytics brings your data to life and notifies your users that important information has changed. It then directs users to their dashboards for further investigation.

This not only increases your ROI of your BI & Analytics infrastructure but also makes your organization more data informed and data driven.

• Increases user engagement with data
• Increases BI & Analytics user adoption within organizations (ROI)
• Decreases dashboard fatigue
• Enables you to manage by exception

Askdata seamlessly connects through APIs to your BI platform allowing business users or administrators to create alerts from data contained in your dashboards.

While creating an alert through the intuitive interfaces, users can set advanced thresholds on their data on when to be notified. If a condition is met and an alert is triggered, users will be proactively notified via email as well as a notification through the Askdata mobile phone app.

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