Askdata is the only platform that brings internet style search to all of your data sources.

Gone are the days where you wait hours, days, or weeks for a report from the business intelligence team.

Askdata turns any computer or mobile device into a database search engine. Stop waiting for the information you need right now, and take control of your data so you can always make the best business decisions.

With Askdata you can:
1. Query and share Insights instantly
2. Create collections of frequently asked questions
3. Receive automated insights based on your previous searches

Instant data access

Users can ask questions about their connected data instantly using Askdata's natural language querying technology — no training needed. Our proprietary Human2SQL algorithm improves itself with every single search.

Remove data silos

Users can search across all of their data sources at once. Modern organizations store data in disconnected systems and in confusing structures. This makes it difficult to have a unified view of an enterprise's data. Askdata solves this problem by connecting various data sources through search.

Personal Insights

Askdata uses cutting edge AI and knowledge graph techniques to help users surface relevant content that are organized in data cards. Askdata provides state-of-the-art tools for indexing data dimensions and metrics from many disparate operational datasets.

Sleek Experience

Askdata has engineered a flawless experience that is able to deliver insights with minimal effort and time. It is designed for non-technical users, in fact we think a middle schooler could use it. Zero  experience is required to generate actionable insights from Askdata.


Askdata has Web, iOs and Android native apps. Consume your data using your every-day tools. The integration with messaging systems such as Microsoft Teams and Slack make every insight one message away. Our Google Chrome plugin make all your insights available from your browser.

Enterprise grade security

Askdata administrators can define precise security rules for accessing data sets, fields, and even records, so that users only have access to authorized information at all times. Fully compatible with international privacy legislation including GDPR and CCPA.

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