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Natural Language Data Search for your team: ask, share and get alerted

Natural Language Data Search

For your team.


Finance and Credit

Financial figures, targets and KPIs instantly available across your Finance, Credit and Business Performance departments.


Sales and Marketing

Your sales data become easily accessible. Web analytics, Sales data and Market Information get instantly accessible.


Product Managers

Products Analytics, Market Research and Customer Behaviors instantly available and update in real-time across product team members.


Project Managers

We empower Project Managers to become more data-driven, improving the decisional process, reducing risks and supporting project success outcome.



Production Managers and Field Operation get real time insights from Machines, Business processes and IOT analytics.


Sport Analysts

We empower Sport Analysts and Scouts to use data across different systems with a seamless approach empowering them to idenfity the best athletes, trends and opportunity.

Case: Bridgestone

Bridgestone PMO uses Askdata to access project data in real-time with no friction.
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