Askdata brings the ability to answer any data question with a simple search and more.

Askdata provides a new frictionless data experience. We give users the ability to answer any data-related questions with a simple search.

We leverage existing data and analytics platforms to create a personalized experience through natural language and proactive insights.


Users can ask questions about their connected data instantly using Askdata's natural language querying technology — no training needed. Our proprietary Human2SQL algorithm improves itself with every single search.

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Automated Insights

Askdata uses cutting edge AI and knowledge graph techniques to help users surface relevant content that are organized in data cards. Askdata provides state-of-the-art tools for indexing data dimensions and metrics from many disparate operational datasets.

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Data Personalization

Askdata offers all the tools to make the user experience as personal as possible. With machine learning algorithms and external data connections is possible to give the best user experience customized on users need.

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Askdata provides intelligent data sharing capabilities to Business Intelligence and Analytics teams. Data-driven teams of any size trust Askdata to democratize their data  initiatives, accelerate digital transformation and governance, and reduce time to insight by more than 60%.

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Pay as you go

No one wants to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for software they’ve never had the chance to try out. Askdata allows you to start with a small investment, get to know our platform, and you only need to pay more when and if you decide to process more data.

Integrate with everything natively

Askdata can integrate directly with any data base (on prem or cloud), data warehouse, BI tool, analytics tool, CRM and more. In addition to using us for NLP search, you can use us to eliminate data silos and create a centralized source of information for all of your employees.

10x more value from your data
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